Still life Photography: Pentax K-X

2009 Sony Alpha Product line

looking forward for next year line up by Sony Alpha..Hopefully the return of the A700 and hybrid DSLR..

Kudos to Sony for making one of a kind DSLR...I Love EM!

Self Portrait:inspired by Alien Workshop Mind Field

Its been a while i wanna do a self potrait for this year..After a lot of observation on the DVD "Alien Workshop Mind Field" cover and it's content. I was inspired by the photographer's idea in compiling photos with combination of flat colors and unique colors. For my self portrait, i have combined cross process photo and black & white with Polaroid style to the image. finally i got the image that i wanted. The photos above i have taken with A350 with Minolta 24mm f2.8 lens and one external flash for that dramatic lighting.

The inspiration lies inside it..

Different Angle..The blue boys

Go Karting @ Year End Showcase 2009

Location: Indoor Stadium, Berakas

Waiting for the green flag

Crash!!and he's at the back of the grid

For Fun..

Too hot to handle?? :D

Baby Portrait: Alan Badzli

Our new member of the family..Alan Badzli Bin Hj Zainurasri